Recreational Activities

Although many around the world have heard of Cheshire in the context of local dairy products and the Cheshire Cat, it is also internationally famous for its many sites of touristic appeal, among them a number of historic mansions, gardens and parks.

Very popular among nature lovers, Ness Botanic Gardens, located near the Dee Estuary, display a range of exotic plants which have been difficulty acclimatised to Britain, some of them originating from the Himalayas and China. Among other species, roses and azaleas can be seen in delightful variety. Those interested in a direct encounter with more than 500 animal species from all corners of the world should not miss Chester Zoo, renowned across the UK and abroad for the diverse fauna it looks after. Sea life is also exhibited in impressive complexity at the Blue Planet Aquarium in Chester Oaks, an interactive and educational experience and home to more than 100 species, including coral reefs.

For many families, deciding on recreational activities and places to visit usually revolves around one factor - how appealing they are to children. One of youngsters' favourite destinations, The Crocky Trail, located in Cotton Abbots, Waverton, promises an energetic experience. A mile long, it offers youngsters everything from classic rides to tunnels and mazes, along with vast open spaces for picnicking and playing. A similar thrill is offered by Apple Jacks Adventure Park in Warrington, which includes a sizeable corn maze and activities such as archery.

For a more challenging adventure, Go Ape! Delamere, located within the Delamere forest, includes high altitude rope bridges and crossings, merging adrenaline rushes with sightseeing. Children also revel in the excitement of Chester Treasure Trails, which engage youngsters in a path of discovery based on following clues, which is bound to be more rewarding than a simple ramble around the town.