Natural Attractions

Known as a scenic corner of England, its landscapes less affected by industrialisation, Cheshire prides itself in its natural features and their duteous preservation, an effort which has intensified in recent years. Among other hallmark sources of revenue, scenic tourism is fairly productive, as large numbers of visitors are drawn by the county's drystone walls, rocky outcrops, moorlands and eye-catching vegetation. Stretches of unspoilt woodland can be enjoyed at locations such as the Rixton Claypits Local Nature Reserve, Rocher Vale or Trentabank Reservoir Nature Reserve near Macclesfield, which provides an auspicious habitat to a great variety of wildlife. The Acornfield Plantation Local Nature Reserve, where a pond and mire can also be seen, features commendable tree diversity, including pine, cherry, beech and oak. Also, Delamere Forest is ideal for those who seek designated trekking and biking trails, appealing to visitors of all ages.

Marshlands have always been considered particularly scenic; in Cheshire they are prevalent around the estuaries of the River Dee and River Mersey, such as the Neston Marsh near Ellesmere Port, a saltmarsh covered in reed beds where many wild bird species live. A similar area in Ellesmere Port is Parkgate Marsh, where Little Egrets and Short-eared Owls can often be seen. The Burton Mere Wetlands Reserve, also on the Dee Estuary, at the border between England and Wales, is considered particularly picturesque and an excellent destination for birdwatchers. Also, the Risley Moss Nature Reserve, which has undergone a lengthy restoration process, is an expansive area of peat bog, where bird watching is also prevalent.

Sightseeing tours are available from a number of locations such as Chester, Knutsford and Alderley Edge, where the historical exploitation of subterraneous resources can also be seen on designated trails. Sightseeing is also available on rivers and canals, from various places. Many visitors choose to hire boats and explore the area at their own pace, which is bound to be an interesting experience.