Known for its plentiful fresh produce and local cuisine, which includes dairy products of superior quality, Cheshire is home to many country fairs based on seasonal foods. The Chester Food, Drink and Lifestyle Festival, held every April and always engaging a vast crowd, is only one example.

The specifics of rural life are also celebrated through events such as the Poynton Horticultural and Agricultural Show - which feature very diverse country attractions, including equestrian classes and food markets - the Disley and Lime Horticultural Society Show and the Harvest Festival at the Farm in Knutsford. The latter offers visitors a chance to see the traditional custom of harvest blessing, as well as wood turning and scarecrow making.

Those interested in cultural events will find that Cheshire has plenty to offer all year round. Among the most awaited yearly events are the Warrington Art Group Exhibition in Knutsford's Tatton Park, where highly attended events take place on a regular basis, and the Chester Mystery plays, a two-week community theatre, also enjoy substantial popularity and are deemed emblematic for the area. A very comprehensive event is the Bollington Festival, which takes place every four to five years in the municipality with the same name, located near Macclesfield. The acts are very diverse every time and include music, comedy and theatre.

Seasonal events also enjoy a high rate of attendance, the Spirit of Seasons Fairs (the Spirit of the Spring Fair and the Spirit of the Summer Fair) being just an example. A notable interactive event organised for children is the Magical Christmas Fun at Gulliver's World, held in Warrington around the winter holidays. Also, around Easter, Tatton Park in Knutsford is home to the Easter Crafts and Country Shopping Fair, which is particularly attractive to those who are interested in arts and crafts. Chester also organises a somewhat similar event known as the Chester Fine Art & Antiques Show.